Seaview Consulting works with professional advisers by providing succession planning expertise
and resources so you can help your clients achieve success with business succession.

Our Succession Support program has been developed for professional advisers such as
accountants and financial planners who work with business owners.

The program has been designed to provide professional advisers with an understanding of succession
planning and the various stages and requirements, as well as the succession triggers for
business owners and resources to raise the topic with business owners.



Succession Awareness presentation

There is no doubt that succession planning is a complex area with a diversity of matters requiring
consideration and expertise. That’s why we have developed the Succession Awareness presentation specifically
for professional advisers.

This presentation covers:

  • What is succession planning and why is it important
  • Why you should be involved in the journey
  • Case studies
  • Trigger points for business owners
  • How to have a conversation with a business client
  • Our role in working with you and your clients

The presentation can be delivered one-to-one or one-many. It is also available for download upon request.


Succession Planning tips

We have developed a range of information for you to use when discussing Succession Planning with your business clients.

  • Trigger points for client conversations
  • What is involved in succession planning

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