“The process of transferring ownership in a planned and structured manner that meets the economic, environmental and philosophical objectives of the participants.”
– Bob Neill

Without question, one of the most challenging issues confronting business owners today is how to deal with transition of business ownership.

Handled poorly, the business can be damaged significantly when the owner exits. From the owner’s perspective, not only does this create missed opportunity to secure a strong financial outcome from years of hard-work but there is also an emotional toll. Whilst many owners desire a business legacy, a future for key staff and an easing into retirement, the reality is often very different if preparation is poor and events overtake planning.

Beginning with establishing both your personal and business goals to guide future direction, our five-step advisory process aims to make your business more robust, attractive and to secure sales of equity on your terms.

Our objective is for business owners to become ‘Deal-makers’ not ‘Deal takers’ and proper planning has a key role to play.




Your Succession Blueprint will set out our strategic recommendations for your consideration.

A critical component of the advice is to properly explore the potential to transfer business ownership to existing key staff. This suits many business owners, who see greater continuity, legacy and control over their eventual exit than taking the business to market. This is an ‘Internal Succession’ arrangement. Read more

Whilst we are able to maximise the chances of an internal succession through a deliberate process, in some cases the best strategy may be to sell to an external party which presents a different set of challenges. Read more


to discuss how we might be able to assist you.

Succession Planning