The following organisations provide a range of services that complement the work that we do with our business clients.

Paul Wood

Paul believes that the salvation to the under-serviced and over-sold clients of the Australian financial services industry may not necessarily rest with the banks or industry funds, but rather with the traditional local accounting firm.

With technology diminishing the value of compliance work, accountants who are transitioning to a client-focused holistic advice model are managing to maintain business growth. Truly embracing this approach though involves a change of culture to incorporate high quality investment, protection, property, finance and legal professionals into client relationships.

With first-hand experience of the pit-falls and potential in this area, Paul can help accountants at any stage of their transition to navigate successfully new regulatory changes o and deliver better service to clients, client retention and higher revenues.




Elisa Nudelman

Inspire People Consulting

Elisa Nudelman has over 15 years human resources experience, working predominantly with small to medium sized businesses with a desire to grow. Through this experience, Elisa has developed a thorough insight into the issues facing growth businesses and how to provide commercially effective and efficient solutions.

Elisa specialises in providing tailored advice on recruitment, reward and retention and understands the importance of ensuring that advice provided is aligned with each individual business’ objectives and vision.

She enjoys working with small to medium sized businesses, providing practical advice that adds value and inspires you, the business owner, and the people who work in your business.



Susan Rochester

Balance at Work

Susan Rochester is a people specialist with over 15 years’ experience helping business owners to strategically recruit, motivate and retain high performers as they grow their businesses.

Through her company, Balance at Work, Susan combines a down-to-earth approach with extensive industry experience and insight, ensuring the people part of the business equation is always in balance with the numbers. Their work is dedicated to showing individuals and organisations the very practical steps they can implement now to be prepared for an unpredictable future.

Balance at Work provides strategic people management advice and resources for our clients. Their psychometric assessments, 360 degree feedback and staff surveys enable our clients to make powerful, informed decisions about their future direction.



Kim Payne

9 Rok Consulting

Kim Payne specialises in helping those who provide financial advice to get better results than they are getting today.

Working together, she applies the fundamental principles required to grow a sustainable business and applies them with a practical focus, critical for success in today’s landscape. This is designed to make working ‘on’ your business easier, less stressful and more rewarding.

Having been in financial services since 1990, and consulting since 2002, Kim has been transforming the thinking and getting results for thousands of advisers through her coaching, consulting, trainings, presentations and events all over Australia and abroad.


Strategic Partners