What Happens When The Love Dies?

Next year’s New Year’s resolution for business owners should be to revisit their documentation– particularly those aspects which cover exit provisions. You must ensure it remains relevant and provides a clear process on how to conduct a smooth exit under varying circumstances. Separation is a part of life and for many it is the right… Continue reading>

Preparing a Business for Sale

Are you considering selling your business? Here’s how to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.   Introduction While maximising the price in a business sale is important, the departing business owner may have other important objectives. Common objectives are preserving the brand reputation and ensuring all clients continue to be serviced well. This… Continue reading>

Family Business Succession Planning

Family-owned businesses are a huge part of the Australian economy. In fact, the account for 70 percent of all operative businesses in Australia. And succession is on the minds of many of their owners: 81 percent of family business owners are considering retirement within the next decade. But the fraction of those already working on… Continue reading>

Succession Planning and Management

Invest in the Future of Your Business Seeking external advice and management services ensures that your succession plan is executed in a manner that fosters future prosperity. So how do we manage your succession? The succession conversation opens with just that: a conversation. As the business' leader, your goals and vision for the business are… Continue reading>

Our Succession Planning Services

All business owners who have built a successful business are justifiably proud of what they have achieved. As someone who has poured their heart and soul into the business, you want to see it grow and succeed after you have left. Succession planning is undoubtedly the best way to do that: it helps you find… Continue reading>

Succession Planning for Small Business

Live in the Now, Live on into the Future: Succession Planning Advice for Small Business Owners Running a small business is incredibly taxing. You are so involved in your business that separation from your business is an eventuality you have little time to consider. In fact, two-thirds of Australian small businesses have made no consideration… Continue reading>

Succession Planning Strategies

Succession is a journey characterised by transition, and, quite frequently, uncertainty. Having a strong, comprehensive strategy is the best way to ensure a successful result. Understanding your strategy, and the possibilities of different strategies is incredibly important– not to mention comforting in a period of relative tumult. There are three main successions strategies: internal succession,… Continue reading>

Why Succession Planning is Important

“It is never too early to start the journey but it is often too late” – Bob Neill   To leave a lasting legacy, succession planning is not optional. So why do so many businesses neglect it until it is too late? Succession is the convergence of many complex issues: some financial and others emotional.… Continue reading>

Coming up…The Lighthouse

  We're pleased to announce that we're working on bringing you a newsletter - The Lighthouse, that is at once insightful and useful - our first edition will highlight the need and the importance of Succession Planning. Those of us who've had to manage this phase of our business life-cycles will know how important this is… Continue reading>